In a little over twenty years, what started as a way to self-publish a few how-to motorcycle books has morphed in a small publishing company with a catalog of over fifty titles. Through the efforts of Timothy Remus and Mary Lanz, Wolfgang Publications publishes six to ten new titles each year in categories that range from Custom Motorcycle Fabrication to Tattoo Flash.

So whether you're painting your motorcycle or chopping the top on an old Ford, learning to airbrush or trying to find fresh Tattoo ideas, the books you need are right here. Just click on the Books page, the rest is easy.

First Things First

The Henry J DOES RUN. The low oil pressure issue turned out to be a missing plug in an internal oil gallery.... but I haven't driven it around the block yet because before pulling it down off the jack stands I want to finish the carpet project. And then, if it runs that long, I’m going to drive it out of the garage, pause in front of my neighbor Markey’s house, and do a hellacious burn out. With any luck at all, the cops will show up.

No, it's not quite ready for a trip around the block, but hope does spring eternal.


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